Wednesday, September 4, 2013

eight line poem

jacket: lucky, shirt: thrift, jeans: gap (from like a long time ago) pins: sex pistols, ramones, and obama!
(featuring my dumb calculus textbook)

i'm slowly getting into the groove of SENIOR YEAR! I have fairly competent teachers this year so I think I'll learn a lot, and that's good. I love learning but not when people suck. With this outfit I was kind of channeling Lindsay Weir/80's british punk rock vibes and I think I like it. 
Today I started my first PSEO class (which is when I get to go take a class at the university for high school AND college credit) and it was so awesome. People in college are so much more mature and the class is way more in-depth and interesting than high school. So I'm pretty happy!!!

I made a random little shrine of stuff that I have recently acquired, including my Hunky Dory bowie record (ONE OF MY FAVES), 2 really good books (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and the Mysterious Benedict Society), a random envelope thing, my pencil case that looks like an ice cream sandwich, a bowl peaches made for me, my nice new backpack and a lil framed photo of BOB DYLAN!!!! ♥♥

Labor day weekend was fabulous, by the way. My friend mags and I made pins together, and then we drove over to peaches' house and we all went to target for hair dye and twizzlers and came to my house to dye peaches' hair and it looks SO GOOD. we ate pizza and watched shrek 2 (ha ha) and it was a swell time. Peaches slept over and then we went on a picnic with our friend rosie and it was adorable!!!!! I love hangin with friends. then my parents had a dinner party and so I hid in my room and listened to classical music which is actually one of the most underrated things IN THE WORLD. just pretend like you're drinking tea in London. it's perfect. maybe I'm biased because I'm a classical violinist, but whatever.
here's some music I've been digging lately:

eight line poem - david bowie

home - austra

lady you shot me - har mar superstar

anyways, I hope you guys are having a fun september!! hopefully it's cooler weather where you are. I JUST WANT IT TO BE FALL :((((
have some inspo (all from tumblr unless i say so)


bby john

the white stripes

bby bowie


  1. Your book earrings are so cool!!

    1. thanks bb!!!! they were so fun to make

  2. wow i love your blog! Im obsessed with your jeans. Im looking for plaid pants and cant find the right ones :(
    check out my blog. i just started it.