Sunday, September 22, 2013


skirt: thrift, shirt: h&m

HEY GUYS!!! I'm back. Oh my god. I started watching BBC SHERLOCK. IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN. I've only watched 4 of the 6 episodes but I was hooked by the first. I am so in love with it. Benedict Cumberbatch is a god. Johnlock is REAL. I was skeptical of the show at first because I thought it was lame for some reason but oh boy was I WRONG. If you haven't watched it, go watch it right now. it's LIFE-CHANGING.

so yeah. this weekend was super dumb because I had to go to Madison with my family and celebrate my brother's 20th birthday (which I guess was kind of fun) but the weather here was just so perfect and fall-like and wonderful. oh my gosh, I love autumn and the leaves have started to change and the air is getting cooler and I know I've been saying that for a while but it's so true.
lately I've been indulging in all things BRITISH (fueled by my obsession with BBC television) and have been drinking lots of tea and wearing oxfords because I'm super lame and have nothing intelligent to do with my time.

I've also been eating a lot a lot a LOT of sugary buttery food which is awesome because it makes me happy, but I've also been feeling kind of physically gross so I think I'm going to start watching what I eat a little more. 

I'm currently reading the Mysterious Benedict Society which is a fabulous book and just makes me so happy. read it if you like Harry Potter!

and finally I've been needing to write loads and loads of essays for college applications and writing class (and one report for biology on a book that I never read...we'll see how that goes; it's due on thursday!) and honestly writing about myself is very difficult. I just don't understand my personality and I need to work on forming stronger opinions on things I guess?? Like I have certain values but when it comes to some things I just don't have an opinion either way. ugh I don't know. I'm weird.

anyways, I hope you guys are having an awesome September!! autumn is one of the best seasons once you get past the school part, so I'm going to try and enjoy it as much as possible before winter comes. ugh.

I'll leave you with a song that I really love, Blinding by Florence and the Machine:

love you! have some ~~~~INSPIRATION~~~~

(these are all from tumblr!!!!!!!!! peace out!!!!!)


  1. I love your outfit so much - the cut of the skirt is gorgeous, so flattering too:) Sherlock is brilliant! I haven't seen all the episodes yet but am trying to find someone I know with the box set so I can borrow it aha:)


    1. omg thank you! yes sherlock is so so so so so so so so good!!!!!!!!!!!! wait till you get to the end!!! I cried my heart out!!!!

  2. Your skirt is absolutely gorgeous, I wish I found pieces like that whilst thrifting - I only ever seem to find books (good for me, bad for room space!)!
    Sherlock is absolutely amazing and I totally agree, Johnlock all the way ;) I have both DVD sets and I watch them all the way through from time to time, I can't wait for series 3, I know it will be amazing! The end made me cry too, so brilliant but so so sad.
    I love your blog and writing style, you have a new follower! Follow back? :)
    Jess from