Wednesday, August 28, 2013

so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully pretty

(this is me being upset about having too much hair for this weather)
shirt: american apparel, shorts: thrifted, random tape measure, doc martenz

IT IS HOT. like, hot-hot. hotter than it was all summer. the sticky, gross kind of weather where you're glued to the few rooms in the house that actually have air conditioning boxes. since my brother left for college last weekend I had to move into his room because mine doesn't have AC. i'm gross and sweaty like 24/7 now. and what makes this even worse is that I have to go to SCHOOL and SUFFER. (actually my school is way over-air-conditioned and so it's freezing most of the time, but whatever).
But yeah, I started school on Monday and to be honest it's not as big of a deal as I was dreading. Maybe it's because I only have 4 classes (AP calculus, AP biology, chamber orchestra, and CIS writing!) and get to leave at 12:30. maybe it's because my expectations for this year are below zero and I literally don't give a damn about it anymore. either way, I'm enjoying my smooth transition from summer into school!! also: SENIOR YEAR! YEAH!!!!!!!! thank god.

I TOOK PICTURES OUT oN THE FRONT STOOP TODAY!!! it was fun. this is basically the most boring outfit but I was totally inspired by that one time when tavi wore a tape measure as a belt. she's perfect.
ALSO: I finally got my driver's license!!! my brother is letting me use his old pick-up truck! it's really ugly and huge but it's something!!! I drive it to school and I'm like the most badass bitch there ever was. her name is billie joe:

I know fall is coming really soon so what's better to send off summer than with a trip to the best place on earth, the STATE FAIR!! I took some really crummy pictures the other day:

everything at the fair is really retro and bright and summery and I LOVE IT.

to end this post I will leave you with one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME, The Lovecats by the Cure:



  1. The Cure is amaazing, I'm loving your taste in music! And you're so lucky this is your last year of high school, I'd give anything to just skip over eleventh grade haha! Your blog is wonderful, so glad I came across it xxx

    1. aw thanks so much!!!!! yes the cure rules!!!!! and eleventh grade was really fun for me so hopefully it won't be so bad for you!!! you're the best. xo

  2. I love the way you wore a measuring tape as a belt so cool! Happy I found your blog

    -Lexi xo