Saturday, September 13, 2014


This summer I had the most incredible experience of seeing Sir Paul McCartney of the Beatles, LIVE IN CONCERT!!!

Me in my supah cool homemade Paul t-shirt that I made for the concert!!

(a couple pix of my fave!!!! all found on the internet)

So Paul and his amazing band came to Minneapolis and my mom and I totally scored and got some really nice field tickets!!! We were so close to him, it was surreal. He played SO MANY Beatles songs and a ton of Wings songs and I knew almost all of them and it was amazing and I cried. He did a tribute to both John and George and it was very sweet and sad and then during Live and Let Die there were HUGE EXPLOSIONS and fireworks and confetti and it was literally so cool and brilliant and UGGGHHHHHH even though it was over 3 hours of concert and over 80 degrees outside he didn't even stop to take a sip of water!!! And he played the piano and his original bass and his guitar and I could have gone on for another 3 hours.. and another!!!!!!!!! People say that aging rockstars aren't as talented as they used to be but this man has such a strong voice and he can rock so hard and literally. It was like seeing Jesus or something.

Here's what the setlist was:

As you can see, he played all of the best songs in the world and basically it was the best night of my entire life. Of course I'm devastated that John and George are dead, but I'm glad that Paul is still keeping the Beatles flame alive. And the Wings, for that matter. LONG LIVE SIR PAUL!!!!!


Hello Again

Hey, friends, if you're still there. I'm still alive! I'm pretty sure it has been over a year since I've blogged on here, but I recently got very inspired and want to continue journaling about my life on the world wide web.
I made it to college. I am officially a Macalester Scot and live in a teeny dorm room with a dripping sink and horrific carpeting. But, I've managed to make it look somewhat cozy, I think:

I love my lil corner. My roommate and I get a long pretty well, although it has been an adjustment to not having my nice big bedroom and a bathroom to myself. (I HATE COMMUNAL BATHROOMS THEY ARE LITERALLY THE WORST PART ABOUT COLLEGE OMG)
But anyway, I'm two weeks in and I think I'm doin pretty well. I haven't made a lot of friends but I am joining a literary and arts magazine club and a Scrabble club, which I hope will allow me to meet more people who are like me.
While I'm pretty close to home, I'm still really homesick. I guess I'm just so attached to my family and my house (which we're moving out of, by the way) that seeing them once a week is still kind of not enough. Whatever, I'll get over it.
Here's something that I've been watchin lately that has made me very happy:
I'm nostalgic for a time and place in which I do not live. It's already cold here and it's only September and I miss the warm summer days where I didn't feel like I had to socialize with people that I didn't know. I don't know if any of this is making sense but I had to get it out there.
I'll leave you with some pictures of things/people that cheer me up a lil bit.
I hope that everyone has been havin a great school year!!!!!

(ALL images are from TUMBLR and aren't mine lol)

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Sunday, September 22, 2013


skirt: thrift, shirt: h&m

HEY GUYS!!! I'm back. Oh my god. I started watching BBC SHERLOCK. IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN. I've only watched 4 of the 6 episodes but I was hooked by the first. I am so in love with it. Benedict Cumberbatch is a god. Johnlock is REAL. I was skeptical of the show at first because I thought it was lame for some reason but oh boy was I WRONG. If you haven't watched it, go watch it right now. it's LIFE-CHANGING.

so yeah. this weekend was super dumb because I had to go to Madison with my family and celebrate my brother's 20th birthday (which I guess was kind of fun) but the weather here was just so perfect and fall-like and wonderful. oh my gosh, I love autumn and the leaves have started to change and the air is getting cooler and I know I've been saying that for a while but it's so true.
lately I've been indulging in all things BRITISH (fueled by my obsession with BBC television) and have been drinking lots of tea and wearing oxfords because I'm super lame and have nothing intelligent to do with my time.

I've also been eating a lot a lot a LOT of sugary buttery food which is awesome because it makes me happy, but I've also been feeling kind of physically gross so I think I'm going to start watching what I eat a little more. 

I'm currently reading the Mysterious Benedict Society which is a fabulous book and just makes me so happy. read it if you like Harry Potter!

and finally I've been needing to write loads and loads of essays for college applications and writing class (and one report for biology on a book that I never read...we'll see how that goes; it's due on thursday!) and honestly writing about myself is very difficult. I just don't understand my personality and I need to work on forming stronger opinions on things I guess?? Like I have certain values but when it comes to some things I just don't have an opinion either way. ugh I don't know. I'm weird.

anyways, I hope you guys are having an awesome September!! autumn is one of the best seasons once you get past the school part, so I'm going to try and enjoy it as much as possible before winter comes. ugh.

I'll leave you with a song that I really love, Blinding by Florence and the Machine:

love you! have some ~~~~INSPIRATION~~~~

(these are all from tumblr!!!!!!!!! peace out!!!!!)

Monday, September 16, 2013

getting back on track

the bath abbey (i think????) where my mom and I went this summer! I would do anything to go back to England (this isn't even my photo i'm too lazy to upload them lol kms)

lately I've been feeling this weird transformation inside of me. I've been listening to less rock and roll and more classical. I've been dressing in more comfortable clothes. And I've been spending a lot more time by myself. school has been alright; I don't speak to many people. I've been loving the time when I get to be by myself at home or with my parents. I don't know if this is a season-related thing (the weather has gotten a lot cooler recently) or if I'm going through a 'phase' or whatever. I guess I was just getting bored. Maybe not everything is about clothes and music and friends. Maybe I have to focus some of my energy on myself and kind of find out where my life is going and what the heck my personality is.
Yesterday I finalized my list of colleges that I want to apply to!!! HURRAH! Today I stayed home sick from school which was just fine by me. My violin teacher is forcing me to be in an Orchestra, and so now I have that to worry about. I haven't been practicing much at all, and that's something that I really need to work on. and I've been watching way too much netflix. I think what I need is a ROUTINE in order to fit all my homework and practicing and applications and stuff into my LYFE and yeah.

if you want something truly INCREDIBLE to listen to, I highly recommend this Piano Concerto by Tchaikovsky (who is one of my favorite composers: everything he writes is so dramatic and beautiful. swan lake is another really good one!!)

that's all for now, I pinky promise to get my life back into gear soon!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

eight line poem

jacket: lucky, shirt: thrift, jeans: gap (from like a long time ago) pins: sex pistols, ramones, and obama!
(featuring my dumb calculus textbook)

i'm slowly getting into the groove of SENIOR YEAR! I have fairly competent teachers this year so I think I'll learn a lot, and that's good. I love learning but not when people suck. With this outfit I was kind of channeling Lindsay Weir/80's british punk rock vibes and I think I like it. 
Today I started my first PSEO class (which is when I get to go take a class at the university for high school AND college credit) and it was so awesome. People in college are so much more mature and the class is way more in-depth and interesting than high school. So I'm pretty happy!!!

I made a random little shrine of stuff that I have recently acquired, including my Hunky Dory bowie record (ONE OF MY FAVES), 2 really good books (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and the Mysterious Benedict Society), a random envelope thing, my pencil case that looks like an ice cream sandwich, a bowl peaches made for me, my nice new backpack and a lil framed photo of BOB DYLAN!!!! ♥♥

Labor day weekend was fabulous, by the way. My friend mags and I made pins together, and then we drove over to peaches' house and we all went to target for hair dye and twizzlers and came to my house to dye peaches' hair and it looks SO GOOD. we ate pizza and watched shrek 2 (ha ha) and it was a swell time. Peaches slept over and then we went on a picnic with our friend rosie and it was adorable!!!!! I love hangin with friends. then my parents had a dinner party and so I hid in my room and listened to classical music which is actually one of the most underrated things IN THE WORLD. just pretend like you're drinking tea in London. it's perfect. maybe I'm biased because I'm a classical violinist, but whatever.
here's some music I've been digging lately:

eight line poem - david bowie

home - austra

lady you shot me - har mar superstar

anyways, I hope you guys are having a fun september!! hopefully it's cooler weather where you are. I JUST WANT IT TO BE FALL :((((
have some inspo (all from tumblr unless i say so)


bby john

the white stripes

bby bowie